Haiti Jan. 21, 2013

This was my last morning in Haiti until I returned. Adonique and Emmanuel helped me out at the hospital where I had been storing the meds to get them together and stored at Adoniques place as he would keep them for the next mobile clinic. They helped me pack at the guesthouse. I had a chance to speak with Dr. Romel that morning who agreed to do mobile clinics with the Haitians so that was a great connection I’m looking forward to having. We had a last meeting that morning at hospital that morning and a young lady who is a social worker joined who agrees to help with the mobile clinics. i made notes and agreed to type them up to email out for mobile clinic plans. It is exciting to have collective involvement from different people growing in the mobile clinic efforts. One disappointing thing was leaving my cell phone behind and not having enough time to get it, but I thought it was lost so I am thankful it had been found and I’d have to work on getting it shipped. Adonique and Emmanuel both came with to the airport as someone from the guesthouse gave us a ride. They helped me walk my stuff inside, we took pictures and said our goodbyes until the next visit. I had a sense of peace about this trip and a feeling of accomplishment. With dreams coming true so far, I do realize that there is so much more work to be done- it will continue, hopefully and moreover prayerfully for the years to come. These small mustard seeds that have been planted will grow and blossom with mobile medical clinics, run by local clinicians going on throughout Haiti.