2017 Haiti Trip















Our last trip to Haiti in May 2017 was a success, with over 600 disenfranchised patients receiving needed medical attention.  Multiple mobile clinics were conducted in urban and very remote locations which have historically lacked access to medical care in Southern Haiti, a couple of hours from Codes des Fer. To add despair to an already poor area, Southern Haitian was hit hard by a hurricane in October 2016.  Our goal was to reach some of this population. 

Since the May mission trip, the local Haitian teams have hosted three mobile clinics in June 2017 comprised of Haitian staff.  Local clinicians running and continuing clinics is advantageous as the staff speak the language, can identify with the culture served and are familiar with endemic diseases, hence better poised to reach impoverished, high need areas.  Such initiatives are made possible through the help of generous donations.

Proceeds are used to support staff, buy medicine and equipment for mobile medical teams that are initiated through volunteers, but sustained by local clinicians in underserved areas.

For more information to support these efforts, please visit our donation page.