2018 Mobile Clinics

October 6, 2018

A Haiti-based team of local support staff, doctors and nurses carried out a mobile clinic to bring much needed medical care to the poor in a rural community about 10 hours from their home town. Transport, clinic logistics, medication and supplies were arranged by local staff.

July 22, 2018

Doctors in Haiti have continued to reach patients with mobile medicine, here is a snapshot from the July 22nd mobile clinic in Haiti.

June 1, 2018     

Global Mustard Seed Missions successfully served Haiti once again. Nurse Practitioner and Founder, Charmika Schuster, worked in collaboration with local medical staff and clinicians to provide access to much needed health care in the rural community of Canon. This trip was made possible by donations from our supporters. Thank you and god bless.

March 16, 2018

Also, check out some recent photos from a mobile clinic carried out in Haiti without our assistance; our goal!

January, 2018

To bring in the new year, Charmika Schuster, Founder of Global Mustard Seed Missions, carried out mobile medical clinics in both rural and urban Haitian communities. Working closely with the Haiti-based medical team, much needed care was delivered to patients at a church in the rural mountain village of Titanyen (north of the capital, Port-au-Prince) and at a school in Cazeau (less than 4 miles from Port-au-Prince).

Titanyen Mobile Medical Clinic:
Cazeau Mobile Medical Clinic:


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