Haiti Jan. 15, 2013

This was a planning day for mobile clinics. I was picked up from Bernard Mevs buddy a friend Daniel and his neighbor Pedro and later my friend James met up with us. James helps with translation and is resourceful. We headed downtown, passing areas which revealed the beautiful sea off in the distance beyond the streets. We went to the Iron Market where Valiere pharmacy downtown is located by, so that I could stock up on medications. Valiere pharmacy seemed to have less expensive medications. After we arrived at the pharmacy, I was able to meet with a lady who was helping to run it, she told me it was a family owned the business. I had a list of the medications that I wanted to buy refills for so she gave me discounts after negotiating on the ones that I bought in bulk. I talked about plans with her to purchase medications from them for the local doctors to continue mobile clinics in my absence. I want to make arrangements with a local pharmacy so that this can be done with payments made remotely. I received some contact info from her for a local bank as the transactions would need to occur via that means with the bank transferring funds to the pharmacy. The pharmacy closed at 2 that day so I placed the orders, but would have to return another day to pick up medications. We headed out and went out to eat at the Eclipse Restaurant; it was I, James, Pedro and Daniel. I had rice, beans, plantains and sauce with Jumex juice and they each enjoyed food (total came to ~$2000 gourdes. I gave the driver like $1500 gourdes for gas. I had them take me back to the hospital as I was volunteering in triage that night. I had a sick little baby girl come in with respiratory distress that night tachypnea. I worked with the ER doc to get her treated with a nebulizer of Salmeterol and gave oral prednisone. It was a good night, I kind of liked helping out at the hospital. At the end of the shift, Adonique, a friend I’d met from Port au Prince Fellowship came to meet me, we planned to go out to eat, but most restaurants were closed. We caught a moto to Hotel Revelation, centrally located on Delmas, where they had a bar still open which was nice as I was hungry. He had a plate of food with chicken, plantains and a sauce which I had some of and I had ice cream and a Mango shake plus some of his plantains. Since it was so late by the time we were done talking, he went home and I ended up getting a room (after negotiating a discounted rate of about $65US) there which turned out to be very comfortable and clean. There was a nice flat screen TV with cable.