Haiti Jan. 20, 2013

It was a challenge to get a ride to church; I eventually was able to get dropped off by Pierre from Heartline Ministries part way into town. He helped me arrange for a moto from there, wearing a dress and all it felt awkward riding a motorcycle to church but it was the quickest way so I did it. I made it safely to Port au Prince Fellowship and was happy to be back. I got there just in time for an amazing sermon on taking natural risks which felt so timely for me. Pastor John talked about taking risks and having faith such as risks of starting a business. He illustrated the lesson with Biblical characters like: the story of Jairus whose daughter died and he sought Jesus who brought her back to life; the woman with the issue of blood who touched Jesus cloak with faith and was healed. The sermon was so moving to me as it spoke to taking the risk of starting this nonprofit Global Mustard Seed Missions which focuses on having clinicians and staff from developing countries affected by catastrophes like Haiti runs their own mobile clinics to serve their own people. My vision is to help them do this by getting them medications and equipment, perhaps making it sustainable by charging patients small fees for service who can afford to pay something, but not restricting care from anyone who cannot. I want to limit the need to have outside care as I believe in the skills and talent of the local providers to meet the healthcare needs of their communities, especially since they are familiar with managing the common diseases which present. The sermon gave me motivation and inner confidence in this big goal reminding me to hold onto faith, which has been the theme of this meaningful trip. After church that day, I met up with Adonique who helps run the PowerPoint during the services. We got some juice and caught taptaps back towards the hospital to get to Bernard Mevs. I was hanging out on the roof and a group of us had planned to go to the beach that afternoon. Dr. Renulus and Adonique hung out on the roof top with me as we waited for the driver Daniel. The afternoon was passing and Daniel was taking too long so we decided to set out on public transportation and just plan to go somewhere local. I really wanted to go to the Port au Prince Jazz Festival taking place that evening at a hotel in Petionville with an afterparty in another venue. Dr.Renulus had to get back to St. Marc and Adonique didn’t want to go to the festival so we kept it local. We went to a local Haitian restaurant called Kokoye which looked nice especially from the cars in the lot. Daniel and a couple of others finally met up with us there, but as it was dark by now, Adonique and I went and ate there ourselves. The food was good, I have a good friend local dish called Akra with some spaghetti Alfredo and he has Shrimp cocktail with a Shrimp salad. We talked for a long time there and headed out, it was late around 10 or so, we ended up catching a moto.